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Just Imagine this scene:
The owner of a fresh Judgment shows up at your office.  He asks if you will consider trying to enforce and collect his judgment.  You explain that you must ask him a bunch of questions so you can use his answers to evaluate if his Judgment seems worth your time, energy and financial investment.  In your own mind you want to decide if this Judgment will probably be one that you can enforce. 

Now change scenes to this:

You're working on your computer and you find a new email.  The email includes a link to a web page with a very detailed Judgment Recovery lead.  The lead has all the same information that you asked the man in your office.  You can look it over and, in about 2 minutes, or less, you can if this Judgment will probably be one that you can enforce.
There is only one difference between the above two situations; the method of delivery.  One arrived in person and the other by email. The quality and detail of the information are identical.

Did you know that you actually can get great leads via email and buy only the ones you want?  All you need to do is to sign up with us as a Judgment Recovery professional.  Registration is only $50.00, you can do it now: Register Here

Doesn't  this seem like a really good idea?  Yes?  Well, you're not alone.  Everthing else that you might want to know can be found down below.

The Best Leads

The highest quality leads are provided by Judgment owners seeking professional help.  We receive them every day, sometimes several in a day.  We make them available to our registered professionals using email just as described above.

The best place to get leads is from application forms on high traffic websites.  Owners of legal judgements are highly motivated to enforce and collect them.  We get them from our own high traffic judgment recovery website.

Note: The best leads are not the lead lists created using Court Records. This is explained in detail down below.

The Main Difference

People asking for help are usually very cooperative and helpful.  They are eagerly expecting your reply to their call for help.  On the other hand an unexpected call from an annoying stranger who found them using court records is usually not welcome.

Problems With Lead Lists
Created Using Public Court Records

The largest quantity of Judgment Recovery leads are taken from Court Records.  These leads are just not good enough for aggressive Recovery professionals.  Overall, they have too many problems.  Here are some of them:

  •  Many are stale, too old, unusable.  For some the statute of limitations may have already expired.

  •  Insufficiently pre-qualified to be worth your time.

  •  You must buy in bulk.  How many gallons of milk are you willing to buy at the same time? The same answer applies to leads.

  •   Court Record leads are incomplete.  Getting the additional missing information is your problem and usually very difficult or impossible to get.

  •  Oversold. Sold too many times.  Not fresh. These lists may have been sold many times before to other Judgment Recovery specialists. Oats are less valuable after they have passed through the horse.

  •   Court record leads lack the following:
    Email addresses of Judgment Owner - Daytime Phone Number of Judgment Owner - Current Address of Judgment Owner- Bankruptcy Status of Debtor - Amount Paid or satisfied, If Any - Current Address of Debtor - Birth Date of Debtor, etc. etc.

  •  When you consider the low value of Court record leads, they are overpriced and make your job much more difficult.

  •   Isn't it smarter to "cherry pick" your leads by seeing and judging them before you buy?  (Am I making sense here?)

Better Kinds Of Leads?  I Don't Think so!

Judgment Recovery Professionals always want the best chance to get a valuable new assignment.  Great assignments result from great leads.  Great leads are fresh, highly detailed and provided by actual Judgment owners asking for professional help.

Why We Are Different

We do not sell "lists" of any kind.  None. You preview each request for help sent by the Judgment owners.  They are made available to you within minutes or a couple of hours after they arrive.   Each lead is "the cream of the crop" of Judgment Recovery leads.

Our leads are always very recent.  Each is a highly detailed, information rich application form  filled out and submitted to us by the actual owners of legal, court ordered monetary judgments. 

Our registered Judgment Recovery professionals receive a prompt email notice whenever new leads arrive, usually within a couple of hours of arrival, often within minutes.  "Strike while the iron is hot" has special meaning in the Judgment Recovery industry.  Being the first Pro to contact a new lead greatly increases your chances of getting a great assignment.  No guarantee, of course, but this industry is all about probability, it is about increasing the odds in your favor in every way that you can.  This is just the plain truth.

This service is available ONLY if you have registered with us here:  Register Here  Registration is only $50.00.  Registration is required to participate.  The emails we send will provide you with immediate access to the details provided by the actual owners of the judgments.  Oh, registration is a one-time fee. 

For security purposes only the Judgment owner's and debtor's identity and detailed contact information is temporarily hidden.  The details displayed are more than enough to enable you to make a purchase decision.  Complete contact and identity details are emailed directly to the buyer as soon as payment has been made. 

Reading the lead itself will enable you to decide if this is a lead that has good potential or one that you should pass up. 

Payment can be made by Fax Check or by PayPal.  Either method enables you to receive the lead very quickly, usually with just a couple of hours.

Each lead is sold only once, buyers have exclusive access to the leads that they buy. 


Our leads are sent to us, one at a time, from the actual Judgment Owners.  They are priced at only $18.99 each. Registration with us is only $50.00 and is required to participate.

All leads are currently the same price, regardless of the dollar size of the judgment. A judgment award from January 8th was for $48,000 dollars!  It was purchased about 18 hours after being listed.  You can see our actual leads page here:  Actual Leads  Email notices are sent to all of our registered Judgment enforcement agents within hours of new leads arriving.

Are you an aggressive Judgment Recovery specialist?  Are you eager to grow your business and your income?  If you say yes to both questions then you absolutely know the value of excellent qualified Judgment recovery leads.  You can, without any obligation, register yourself and your company with us so that you will have easy access to our active leads and services.  Registration is free and easy, just click the link and answer a few questions: Register Here

Only Judgment Professionals who are registered with us will receive prompt email notification whenever new leads are available.  Ethical considerations require that each lead can be sold to only ONE professional, this is fair and logical.

Lead Details

The leads that we provide include the most important facts about the money Judgment award including the ones below, but please note that the Judgment owners may not have ALL of the following available to them when they file their requests for help.  You will know which information is available for each lead before you buy.  Also, it is easy to acquire any additional details because you will always have a phone number and an email address included in the lead details.  Here is some of what you will receive:

  •  Name Of Judgment Owner

  •  Owner's Email Address

  •  Current Physical Address of Owner

  •  Daytime Phone Number of Owner

  •  Total Amount Of Judgment

  •  Amount Collected, If Any

  •  Case number if available

  •  Original State and court of Jurisdiction

  •  Actual Date Judgment Ordered

  •  Was there an attorney

  •  Was defendant (debtor) Present at Judgment

  •  Defendant's (debtor's) Full name

  •  Debtor's birth date

  •  Debtor's current or last known address

  •  Did debtor file for bankruptcy?

  •  Was judgment against individual(s) or Business(es)

  •  Brief detailed summary of facts of case

It's Your Decision

The desired and needed decision making information will be provided to interested Recovery Professionals by means of the password protected leads page. The page is easily used as the basis for deciding whether or not to purchase a specific lead.  Once the lead is bought and paid for, the full completely detailed lead is immediately emailed to the buyer. The complete lead, of course, includes the personal contact details of the person applying for assistance from a Judgment Recovery Professional. 

I suggest that Registered Professionals monitor their emails closely so that they can respond quickly to our notices that one or more new leads have arrived.  They do tend to go quickly.  Your prompt visit to the new leads page reduces the chance of missing one that would really appealed to you.

Once a lead has been purchased it will immediately be removed from our listings.  It is not very likely that there will be more than 5 or 6 leads available at any one time. Our experience is that they tend to go quickly.  You can view our leads page here:  Actual Leads

About Our Main Judgment Recovery Website
  •  It is high traffic and has everything that a site needs to function normally, such as email accounts, application forms, lots of information about Legal Judgments and their enforcement.  Our visitors won their lawsuits and are now very interested in recovering their money.

  • It is the application form on our main website that is the actual source of our leads.  You can examine the actual form here, but remember to click the previous page link to return to this page.

Please remember to Register Here to participate in this program.

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